Personal One-on-One

Training Sessions

All sessions are conducted in a private, one-on-one setting with a BEST Fitness personal trainer, who will guide you and motivate you from start to finish. Every time you work out, we are dedicated and committed to you, to help you achieve your goals! After your introductory session, every time you return, the equipment will be set specifically for you to minimize your need to keep track of any weights. With active clients of all ages and all fitness levels, we know you will feel confident with a plan that is BEST Fit for you!

Scientifically Backed

Resistance Training

The BEST Fit routine has been scientifically backed by years of research to be the most effective way to strengthen and condition your entire body. This low-impact workout is also beneficial for your entire cardiovascular health. By strengthening your muscles, you are actually improving your cardiovascular efficiency in the end. Benefits include:

  • Reduce stress and injury
  • Build muscle and lose body fat
  • Increase energy and improve metabolism

Low time commitment

Only 30 minutes a week

Yes, you read that right! Our program is designed to deliver you optimal results in the shortest possible time. By utilizing a style called High Intensity Resistance Training, we really slow the movement down to allow you to engage all the fibers of your muscle. Focusing on recovery time over frequency is the key. We understand that you live a busy life and we will show you why, with us, you will not need to spend countless hours in the gym every week!

Client Testimonials

Monique’s care and motivation is unlike anything I could accomplish on my own. She pays attention to my body and is just as excited about me accomplishing my goals as I am! Don’t take my word for it, though. Come see for yourself!


There are so many gyms in this area, but BEST Fitness goes above and beyond what any normal gym can do for you. Monique caters to your needs and goals, while being so motivating and influential that I can’t even come up with excuses not to go and, in fact, I look forward to it!

Voted Top 10 Personal Trainer
MKE A-List 2017

All training sessions are by appointment only between the hours of 7:30a-7:30p.